Frequently And General Questions

This service is perfect if you are a beginner in WordPress that needs help in setting up your new website. Do more of what you love and leave the rest to us.

Why should I use WordPress?

We could pitch a lot about why WordPress is such a reliable option for you. However, we’d like to let you know about the main set of assets we think are most representative. We fully resonate with all of the following key benefits, and we grasp from our experience that they bring real added value in the short and long run as well.

Is the theme fully-responsive?

Yes. All of our themes are fully-responsive so that you can enjoy using them from multiple gadgets (phones, tablets, etc.). Also, we know that Google take responsiveness for its ranking algorithm very seriously, and so do we.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

Our goal is to always be fair and reasonable. Our refund policy isn’t any different. Read more here.

Can I use my theme with

While we sell some themes on, those purchases can’t be transferred to a self-hosted WordPress site. The main reason is because is a service (you don’t get any files to download) and the code is different to some extent. However, you can ask for a refund from within 30 days from your purchase and buy the self-hosted version of the theme from our shop.

Is my website secure with your theme?

We’re committed to developing and maintaining our themes as secure as we possibly can. You can count on us to fix any issues that might arise in the shortest time possible (provided that they are related to our themes). On top of that, we provided dedicated services tailored to website security and much more than that.
How will I know when updates are available?
Updates are important and we encourage you to keep an eye on them. Moreover, we created a notification system that will let you know when new updates are available, directly into the admin panel. With one click auto-update you can make it happen.

Can I use the theme on multiple sites?

All our theme packages are GPL licensed and allow an unlimited number of installations.

Note: If you want to have the purchased service installed on another hosting, you have to buy it again.

What do you mean by product updates?

We live in a digital world that evolves very fast. That’s why we give our best and maintain all of our themes relevant and efficient in the long term. Product updates include new features, performance improvement, WordPress compatibility or security checks. Basically, everything that helps you have a reliable website.

Do you offer custom work services?

Yes. We are always ready to spend our energy for you, so we offer you all the necessities that can help you customize your website.

Can I use the themes for self-hosted websites?

Yes, you can. In fact, all our WordPress themes are build for self-hosted websites. In the end, we’re supporting people who plan to achieve more from their digital presence. For instance, as a blogger you can create a strong personal branding in a particular industry. This means you want to look professional, and invest whatever it takes to reach your business goals.

What’s the difference between and

WordPress is a publishing platform that makes it easy for anyone to publish online, and proudly powers millions of websites. It comes in two flavors: the fully hosted, and the self-hosted version, whose software is available for free at

Using the platform, you can publish your blog in just a couple of minutes. On the other hand, if you’re looking to create a self-hosted website, you will need to use version. You can download the WordPress software for free at, but it must be installed on a web server.

All the themes from our shop are made to work with self-hosted websites.

Can I use the theme for life?

Yes, you can keep using the theme for lifetime. However, we are regularly updating our products by improving security and compatibility with the latest technologies. We’re also fixing bugs and offering great features on a regular basis. On top of that, we’re offering premium customer service to help you achieve the best results.
Do you offer customer support?

We understand that the customer service is highly important, so give our best to offer a great experience. That’s why, when you buy a product from our shop, we provide solid assistance as long as you have an available subscription.

Firstly, you should check the support area where you can find a bunch of helpful articles about how to set up the themes and make the best out of them. Also, you can reach us at [email protected] at any moment, and we’ll get back to you in the shortest time.

However, our service includes assistance with setting up and using our WordPress themes. We cannot provide support for any customizations or 3rd party plugins, but we make some trustworthy recommendations. If you have any troubles with plugins that we don’t refer to, it’s better to contact the authors of them